DCT Test Reports

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Test Item Test By
PM2.5 Mask Taiwan CNS 15980 A Grade Protection
Korea KF94 Korea KF94 Certificated
China GB/T 32610 2016 Test by China A Grade Protection
Heavy Metals in Ambient PM2.5 Test by NCTU EV > 95%
PM2.5 in Ambient Test by NCTU EV > 99%
PM0.075 Taiwan TTRI > 99%
Bacterial Filtration (BFE) Taiwan TTRI > 99%
Blood Penetration 120mmHg Taiwan TTRI Passed
Virus Filtration (VFE) US Nelson Lab > 99%
DOP Filtration US Nelson Lab > 98%
PM0.075 Japan KAKEN Lab > 99%
Bacterial Filtration (BFE) Japan KAKEN Lab > 99%
Blood Penetration 160mmHg Japan KAKEN Lab Passed


 SNQ - Taiwan : Certificate of Symbol of National Quality

Taiwan TTRI  : Protection Efficiency After Washing  

Taiwan TTRI  : Inhalation & Exhalation Resistance

Taiwan TTRI  : Air Exchange Pressure

Taiwan TTRI  : Ultraviolet Protection Factor

NELSON Laboratories :  Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) Report